Monday, November 30, 2009

I read it so you don't have to Twilight edition...nicer part two

Pages 119 - 195.

I agree with the lovely Jabba in that I wanted so much to be wrong about Twilight. I wanted to read it and say ahhhh this is what everyone is all in a tizzy about. It allll makes sense now. I am saddened that I can't do that. Truly. Because I want people to read. I want them to enjoy reading. But there is a part of me that wants people to like reading worthy books.

And so, I will start with the positive aspects of Twilight as I see them 195 pages in. I can be nice, you know.

Twilight is a quick read. I don't mean quick simply because of its low reading level. I mean quick in the sense of plot timing. It is all look over here Bells is getting attacked no look over here Bells and Eddie are having dinner together no look over here Bells is manipulating a guy into telling her stuff no look over here Bells is having dreams about Eddie no look over here Bells is having petty school issues with her girlfriends.

So, while the activities might be ridiculous, I appreciate them being developed in quick succession.

The other positive aspect concerns spots of truth. I am one of those people who believes fiction can and quality fiction must reveal truth. I won't pretend there aren't aspects of truth Meyer conveys of adolescent life. I think we all remember being a little bit too enamored with someone we shouldn't have been. Were they a vampire? Probably not, but still.

There are also nice moments in the book. Are they wrapped in throw-up worthy conventions? Well, sure, but you can pick them out none the less.

Example: So apparently Eddie is super attractive and, let's say, influential to everyone he meets. And when I say everyone I mean women. Meyer writes a scene where waitresses are swooning all over the place, Bells is jealous, but Eddie only has eyes for her and doesn't notice. I've personally had that feeling, when someone looks at you and you are the only thing they see. It is nice. So at least if Bells is going to fall for a controlling blood sucker who ditches classes when it's sunny he isn't going to cheat on her.

Finally, I chuckled. I know. Crazy right? When Bells and Eddie are eating dinner, and when I say eating dinner I mean Eddie is creepily watching Bells eat dinner he says, "It's a bit easier to be around you when I'm not thirsty." Come ON. That is funny. It is easier to be around her when he is sated because then he doesn't want to CHOMP ON HER. Love in the making people.

Those are my positives.

I will leave my griping about the portrayal of gender rolls and the completely messed up fact that Eddie stalks Bells and she is flattered by it. Or that she says she isn't hungry he says she is she says she really isn't he says eat and she says OK. Or how Bells is apparently depressed and undercuts herself like ALL THE TIME even though she pretty much always gets what she wants like oh I am so inept at flirting that I just got this guy who I don't even like to divulge ancient family secrets, I'm just little old depressive insufficient me.

I'm not going to touch any of that right now.

"Stupid, unreliable vampire."


  1. (pat...pat...pat...)
    That is the sound of me patting you on the back for reading this and reporting back so I don't have to.

    Umm....does Eddie really cut class when it's sunny...cause...umm...isn't he a vampire?

    Have you done this with the Harry Potter series too? Cause I see lots of adults reading those books and I. Just. Can't. Do. It.

  2. Jabba - It is a sacrifice reading Twilight, it certainly is.

    Harry Potter might have to be next.