Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The opposite of love isn't hate it's indifference

Love (romantic, familial, friend-love). It can be wonderful and it can be horrible. It can raise us up and knock us right back down. It can be easy and natural and the most difficult thing to maintain. Other cliched depictions? I'm out.

Came across a great song (SATC fans might recognize) on the topic. Listen to it. It makes me happy. Because it reminds me that no matter what happens in my love life, my friends' love lives, regular life, life after tragedy, etc - we all have something integral that remains - our love for ourselves.

I've witnessed some praying lately. And I'm not going to pray via this blog, but I am going to dedicate this song to all my friends and fam who might need a little something extra, a little reminder.

Because this song makes me want to walk (strut) down the middle of the street knowing I am awesome and everything else is frosting on the delicious cupcake.

Maybe it will do the same for you...

"You've got the love I need to see me through."
The Source feat. Candi Station


  1. best.song.ever. too bad i can't download it on itunes. otherwise i would rock it out all day long. thanks for the semi-dedication - much better than a richard marx slow jam. :)

  2. Kath - are you serious? No iTunes? I don't know because I just keep the browser open to the song...so haven't tried.

    And of course you were included on my dedication : )

    Oh, and I can totally see you standing outside the window, boom-box on your shoulder, blasting Richard Marx.

    Now if we could only find a boom-box : )

  3. OMG i didn't even think of the potential 'say anything' re-make. good idea. i'm cataloging everything away for that special day when i finally, officially explode.