Friday, October 17, 2008

I am totally legend

I started a new book - I am Legend.

Usually I wouldn't start a third book when I still haven't finished the first two. I am reading The Diary of Anais Nin, but it is very old and fragile so I started reading How to Be Single on the train, keeping Anais at home. I have been trying to finish HTBS, but it was getting predictable and I was growing sick of the characters. So I skimmed the rest. The final conclusion? Love yourself.

REALLY? You know how I said all those nice things like don't judge the authoress just because she was involved with He's Just Not That Into You...

I might be retracting that sentiment. I mean, the beginning half was so wonderful. I laughed, I thought about past relationships, about my current one, I reflected - and it was great. But I got to the end and THAT is the enlightened conclusion? THAT is the answer for single women everywhere? I have one word...Duh.

And so I started I am Legend. Because girls annoy me sometimes. I needed something written by a boy.

And get this people - VAMPIRES.

Nothing like following up fluffy fiction with some old fashion vamps. If I would have known, it would have been on with me and this book long ago.

"How clever you are dear. You never mean a single word you say."
Oscar Wilde

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