Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This is more like it

The madre promised snow in the end, but for now I'll take thought provoking quotes.

An excerpt from Laura Moriarty's While I'm Falling:

"I always felt a little sorry for, and even a little superior to, the girls who started holding some guy's hand in eighth grade, and were still holding the same one when we graduated...Their horizons already seemed limited. If that was what they wanted, fine. But I was a different kind of girl...But then I met Tim...If I had known Tim in high school, I would have been a girlfriend myself. It was my first inkling of how foolish it was to judge harshly and to discount fate, and to truly believe I was one kind of girl, and not another, just because of some decision I thought I'd made."

P.S. 9 days to Christmas!

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