Monday, November 24, 2008

He gets women

For the longest time, I believed the majority of male authors simply didn't get women. I mean, I'm sure they got women - hello, women think writers/arty types are sexy...all that connection to their feeeelings - but I mean get = understand.

And it isn't their fault. Women are tricky. And ever-changing. And volatile. And probably a long list of other scary/awesome attributes that makes capturing us sincerely on the page all the more illusive.

So when the madre brought me a book last night and preempted it by saying the author gets women I was like OMG YES, hello holy grail.

After reading Devil in the White City I need something emotionally sad, not disturbingly sad. I need to feel awww relationships...they are intricate, not hmmmm is my creepy downstairs neighbor actually an evil genius serial killer using his lonely, not socially aware exterior as a guise...

The later feelings don't promote sleeping though the night. So I say goodbye to DITWC. You were a great read, but I prefer not having creepy nightmares that make me wake up sweating, thank you.

On to feelings. I have just started Breakable You, by Brian Morton. I am in love with the title alone. Three chapters in, and I am already hooked.

Stay tuned...

"...puzzled by how comfortable it felt to walk beside him...during most of their years together, she'd felt secure with him; she'd felt blessedly safe. Since they'd been apart, she'd come to realize that in return for this feeling of safety she'd given up some of the things that were most important to her. And yet she still had an instinctive nostalgia for the old feeling."
Brian Morton


  1. Have you read the book "She's Come Undone"? It was the first book that had a really believable female main character. I would never have guessed it was a male author.

  2. HU - I have not read that, will put it on the list. Almost done with "Breakable You", more posting to come because it is amazing.