Monday, August 18, 2008

Diagonal lashing (knot)

Over the weekend, when I wasn't napping, I was reading The Shipping News. Paradoxically, I am not a huge fan of salt water, but I enjoy books about 'the sea', especially small towns and 'the sea'. This one also had a newspaper element, so yay!

The main character is scorned in love and carries this with him through life. He loved someone who hurt him and so connects love with bittersweet pain. But life, as it often does with time, shows us not what we think we want but what we need. What we truly deserve. And many times that happiness doesn't look like what we thought it would.

So for all those who have loved and lost and wonder if that is all you are worth, I give you this quote: "And it may be that love sometimes occurs without pain or misery."

Novel concept.

So simple.

So beautiful.

So read The Shipping News. It will teach you about tying knots, cool shipping lingo, and maybe even letting go and finding happiness.

"I know it's wrong, hanging on too long."


  1. loved that book. i still have yet to see the movie though. i'm worried it just won't live up to the images in my mind.

  2. It's like you're speaking right to me, C. ;) Love you. Without pain or misery, or any of that bullshit. Miss you tons.

  3. Sarah - I also haven't seen the movie!

    M - You know we love quality one liners.