Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Titles and quotes

I read a new book this morning. Really, it is a compilation of book recommendations. It is More Book Lust by Nancy Pearl.

Obviously, I put together my own list - from her list, of titles which intrigued me. Then I discussed my selections with my mom who will forever be more well-read than I am. While discussing books and my blog, she said she always loved my titles and quotes. Because that is what it is all about right? The title grabs you, you read the entry, and the quote at the end seals the deal. Like blogging bookends, all wrapped up into a nice little package.

It almost doesn't matter what I write - here, in the space between - as long as it comes full circle. 

So now? I don't have time to blog, I have to go off to the stacks of the library, in search of my next great read. 

Bring it on Anthony Trollope.

"Books - paradoxically - allowed me to both find and to escape myself."
Nancy Pearl


  1. You do have wonderful blogging bookends, C. And I always look forward to your quotes!

  2. M - With all the reading I have done lately, I have some great ones coming up!